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BESITEC has put a large focus on IBM’s Power Systems technology since our foundation in 2003. Because it has been renamed multiple times during this period, you might know the technology as AS/400, Power i or eServer iSeries. Regardless of the name, Power Systems stands for security, scalability as well as reliability since it was introduced by IBM in 1988. BESITEC keeps using the technology and continues to research further development possibilities, so you can focus entirely on your core business.

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What are IBM Power Systems?

The computer line Power Systems was introduced as AS/400 by IBM in 1988. Since then, IBM has continuously developed the product further and aligned it with the use cases of their customers. Multiple changes to the product name were made during this time: In 2000, the name was changed from AS/400 to iSeries, in October 2003, the name iSeries i5 was born, and after 2006, the product was called System i5. Since 2007, IBM uses the current name System i.

What are the advantages of this technology?

The architecture of IBM’s Power Systems is defined by the specialty that operating system and hardware are separated by an isolation layer. This layer allows the user to modernize hardware components without having to access the operating system. Therefore, Power Systems can be scaled up much easier than comparable systems.

Additionally, Power Systems distinguish themselves through higher performance and reliability standards. Installed applications can be used by thousands of users at the same time, as long as the hardware is scaled accordingly. Due to its specific qualities, Power Systems ensure that your data is consistently available and always secure.

Software Development

What kind of software can be developed for Power Systems?

Theoretically, Power Systems support any type of application. However, in reality, most of our clients’ applications run on Power Systems, because they have special requirements concerning the complexity or security of their software. Such applications include warehousing applications, booking systems, and accounting software, for example.

What kind of services does BESITEC offer?

BESITEC provides you with a holistic software package for your IBM Power Systems. We help you with the design of your innovative software concept, carry out the development of new applications, and modernize as well as manage your existing software. In doing so, members of your development team apply more than 20 years of experience with IBM’s Power Systems.

You would like to develop a new application for your Power Systems or need help with your current software? Contact us now! We would love to support you.

System Planning

Why is planning so important?

Like all technological systems, IBM Power Systems are highly dependent on the optimal combination of hardware and software. As long as the hardware is sufficiently dimensioned, complex applications can be run by many users simultaneously. Similarly, inadequate planning can lead to wasted computing power and, as a result, to higher running costs. Consequently, it is crucial that your Power Systems, as well as your applications, are tailored to their individual specifications and that they are easily adjustable.

Which services does BESITEC offer?

In close collaboration with you, we analyze the requirements you have towards your Power Systems and develop an optimal system environment based on those specifications. We also evaluate the applications you would like to run on your Power Systems and provide you with possible upscaling scenarios.

You would like to set up a new Power Systems environment or find out more about the technology itself? Contact us now! We would love to support you.

System Administration >

What does the administration of Power Systems involve?

Technological systems have to be updated regularly, so potential error sources and security flaws can be corrected. Regarding IBM’s Power Systems, new releases (changes to the operating system) and PTFs (software updates, program temporary fixes) have to be installed. Hardware can also be exchanged or extended in the case of a defect or new components.

What does BESITEC do for me?

BESITEC handles the new releases and PTFs you would like to install on your Power Systems. Additionally, we monitor your systems’ operations and provide you with potential performance enhancements.

You need help with the administration of your IBM Power Systems? Contact us now! We would love to support you.