We connect your fleet!

We support you in picking the best technology for your needs and in planning your digitization process. Subsequently, we take over the procurement as well as the installation of your equipment on board – even while your ship is operating! Additionally, we offer comprehensive administration of your digital fleet, so you can check the status of your ships at any given time.

On this page, you learn more about our process and the services we can provide your fleet with. In order to jump to a category directly, you can use one of the following links:


Why should I connect my fleet?

While most modern ships are already equipped with an integrated internet connection, many of the older models are not able to connect to the world wide web. Such a connection is especially important for quick and uninterrupted communications between your crew and specific authorities as well as your team on land.


Why is planning so important?

On board, like with any other technical system, it is important that hardware and software are tailored perfectly to the requirements of your organization. Since we typically modernize your fleet while it is fully operating, it is vital that the timetable of this process is in accordance with your schedule.

Which services does BESITEC provide?

Connecting managerial and technical concepts is one of our strengths. We would love to consult you on efficiently planning your modernization process and on picking the optimal technology and equipment for your fleet. Additionally, we provide you with technical support, which will solve potential issues quickly and reliably.

You need help with digitizing your fleet or are unsure what type of technology you require to stay ahead of your competition? Contact us now! We would love to support you.


Can I modernize my fleet while it is operational?

Yes! Our team gladly installs the new hardware on board of your ships. This can also happen while your ship is operational!

Which tasks does BESITEC take over?

In addition to the above mentioned consulting services, we offer the procurement of new equipment and the manual installation on board. Additionally, we monitor the status of your fleet and provide quick support in case of technical issues. If your ships are already equipped sufficiently, we can take over maintenance as well as potential reprogramming of the installed systems.

Would you like to modernize your fleet? Contact us now! We would love to support you.