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BESITEC utilizes modern technologies and methods to develop EDI interfaces, customized software and integrated system concepts for your business.

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The first video of the webinar
“Why e-invoicing?” is online

The video of the webinar and our presentation are now available for you and you get them directly here on our website…
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Electronic invoicing – All you need to know summarized in our webinar

Electronic invoicing will become mandatory by the end of this year in Germany when exchanging invoices with your B2G…
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Besitec’s b.invoice solution for reliable electronic invoicing processes

Besitec has over the years developed a diversified portfolio of IT, EDI and software solutions, not only for the logistics industry…
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Our Products

The progressive digitalization is a huge challenge for companies of any size. Our products support your company in positioning itself flexibly and innovatively and make you all set for the future. It is our goal that you can concentrate fully on your core business while we look after your IT. Here is an overview of our products:

Our Services

Our portfolio encompasses all IT services required to run and maintain all our b.products. That means: We advise you (Consulting) after we have analyzed your concerns and processes precisely. Afterwards we design our proposed solutions (Conception) and develop – in collaboration with you – our b.products customized to your needs (Development). We also offer Training for the new processes and Support after implementation if required.


What we do every day:

Containers moved
EDI messages transmitted
API calls managed

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