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Are you looking for a cost-effective way to send electronic invoices without high implementation costs? Then send your electronic invoices via our invoice platform!

What is web.invoice?

With the help of web.invoice our clients can use numerous functions of b.invoice, such as e-invoicing, XInvoice, PEPPOL and format conversion and won’t need a network protocol to transfer files. Our clients create and manage X-Rechnungen with partners in a user-friendly and location-independent manner using our web application. With a personal web.invoice access (which requires no furhter installation), creating and sending of X-Rechnungen is possible immediately. Furthermore web.invoice offers the reliable and transparent administration of your business partners and creating of multiple profiles.

Conclusion: You can send your electronic invoices easily, quickly and cost-effectively via PEPPOL using web.invoice, our new invoice platform, via your Internet browser.

Which functions does web.invoice offer?

Entering and sending electronic invoices

Our web.invoice platform is connected with BESITEC´s certified PEPPOL Access Point. With the help of web.invoice you have access to the PEPPOL network and you can send your entered electronic invoice to your invoice recipient.

You can send the following invoice formats using our invoice platform:

    • XInvoice UBL
    • PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0
    • EN 16931
    • ZUGFeRD (following in autumn 2021)
    • XInvoice CII (following in autumn 2021)

Via our invoice platform (web.invoice) you can enter your invoice manually and send it electronically, independent of the system.

    • Personal web.invoice access
    • Access via your internet browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.)
    • Administration and view of your electronic invoices
    • Administration of your business partner
    • Administration of your company profile

Impressions of our platform

WEB.INVOICE – A platform…

  • …to create, manage and send your invoices

  • …for sending XInvoices and BIS Billing 3.0

  • …for easy and cheap access to the PEPPOL network

  • …reachable and usable from everywhere

  • …for all invoice recipients (Federal Government, etc.)

  • …for every industry

  • …for Germany as well as Europe

Why e-invoice with web.invoice?

With the implementation of Directive 2014/55 / EU, electronic invoicing will partly become mandatory when you work with B2G companies in Germany from 27. November 2020.

Web.invoice is the inexpensive way to start sending electronic invoices (see price list). In addition, the following further cost savings result:

    • More efficient processes and faster invoice processing
    • No printing, postage and shipping costs
    • Lower personnel costs through automated processing

Significant time savings are generated through automation at your invoice recipient:

    • Manual data acquisition and corrections are no longer required
    • No postal delivery time
    • Internal processing times are reduced

web.invoice is developed constantly so that you will also be able to send the most common invoice formats in the future.

web.invoice ensures high security standards:

    • Use of archive rules
    • Your invoices are archived on our servers in Germany
    • No loss of invoices by post is possible

By switching to e-invoicing, our client will not only save paper, but also reduce environmentally harmful CO² emissions in the production process and the omitted postal mailings.

How do b.invoice and web.invoice work?

web.invoice is our further solution for your invoice processes. You create and manage your invoices on our web-based platform and send them via the PEPPOL network using our certified PEPPOL Access Point. Alternatively, you can download your invoice (e.g. XRechnung, BIS Billing 3.0 or even ZUGFeRD) and send it by e-mail.

In addition to web.invoice, we also offer a fully automated solution via EDI with b.invoice. Here we convert your invoice format from your system into the required format of your invoice recipients and send your invoice via your desired transmission channels (sftp, oftp2, webservice, etc.). More information to a fully automated solution you will find here on our b.invoice site.

How much is web.invoice with PEPPOL?

The price packages include access to our web.invoice platform and the electronic sending of invoices in all available formats.


20€ per year

up to 50 invoices

Number of invoices sent per year


30€ per year

up to 100 invoices

Number of invoices sent per year


50€ per year

up to 200 invoices

Number of invoices sent per year

Enterprise Plus

60€ per year


Number of invoices sent per year

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