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Your state-of-the-art IT solution

We manage your IT-systems!

An efficient and reliable IT environment is essential for a modern company’s survival. We help you to implement this IT environment.
On this page you will learn more about our IT services that we can offer you.

What is b.it?

b.it is the product name for our extensive range of IT services that we can deliver to you. Our team consisting of IT experts have successfully demonstrated their know-how in many different IT projects in different industries.

What function does b.it offer?

We are your IT expert!
    • Development of a comprehensive IT landscape: BESITEC supports you during the development of a new IT and system landscape. A requirement analysis, conception and technical implementation as well as a subsequent administration belongs to our services.
    • Software and hardware: BESITEC analyzes your applications, develops sustainable optimization suggestions and takes over the technical implementation of the adaptation and the development of new functions. We also advise you on the purchase of new devices.
    • IT-helpdesk: We answer your employees’ questions. Our telephone service takes care of your technical challenges and helps your employees to find quick solutions.

We are your ERP expert!

We analyze the requirements of your business processes together and map them digitally in an ERP system. The result is an ERP application optimally tailored to your business processes.

We connect your fleet! We support you in picking the best technology for your needs and in planning your digitization process. Subsequently, we take over the procurement as well as the installation of your equipment on board – even while your ship is operating! Additionally, we offer comprehensive administration of your digital fleet, so you can check the status of your ships at any given time. Here is an overview of our services in the field of ship IT:

    • Networking your fleet with the World Wide Web
    • Consulting, procurement, installation and monitoring of your hardware and software
    • Technical support
    • Maintenance and reprogramming of the installed systems

We are your IBM Power Systems expert! Regardless of the name, Power Systems stands for security, scalability as well as reliability since many years. BESITEC provides you with a holistic software package for your IBM Power Systems. We help you with the specification of new programs such as warehouse software, booking systems or financial accounting programs.  We carry out the development of new applications, and modernize as well as manage your existing software. Here is an overview of our services for your power system:

    • Analysis of your requirements
    • full software packages
    • Planning and coordination of hardware and software
    • Development of the system environment
    • Release- and PTF-Management
    • Systemmonitoring
    • Performance optimization

Why b.it?

We can offer you a wide range of IT services and improve the coordination of your hardware and software.

According to a study by VMware in collaboration with Forbes Insights, digitization has the following positive productivity effects:

    • Employees report nine times more that their productivity has increased when they work in a modern digital workplace and have access to necessary applications.
    • If they have the right applications at their disposal, employees say they spend 12 percent less time on manual processes.
    • Smart applications are an important helper. This enables them to make decisions faster and better.

An efficient value creation process depends not only on the executives involved, but above all on the software used. In this way, an optimally tailored application can simplify and accelerate all relevant company processes. An inadequate program, on the other hand, can do the exact opposite and significantly affect the efficiency of your company.

We regularly update your technical systems to prevent possible functional errors and security gaps. In addition, applications can be adapted to new technical standards or converted to a new business model, implement current data protection regulations or even get completely new functions.