Integration with b.edi

Your electronic data exchange solution

We connect you with your business partners!

We plan, develop and maintain your electronic data exchange tailormade for you with the help of b.edi. On this page you can finde out more about our approach and the services we offer for your electronic data exchange solution.

What is b.edi?

b.edi is our solution for all your electronic data exchange setup. Our EDI solution has been used by companies in many different industries already for decades. With the help of b.edi, we bring EDI to your company and connect you with your business partners. b.edi converts your company’s data/ file formats to securely transmit them to your business partners in the required format. b.edi ensures that the sender and recipient can read and use the document in the same way. We develop interfaces with you based on EDIFACT, XML, JSON or other standards in close collaboration with you. These interfaces connect your business partners to your system in an easily and effective way. Additionally we would be happy to support you in the development of your API-interface.

Which functions does b.edi offer?

Receiving, processing, converting and sending electronic data

b.edi supports the following transmission protocols:

  • AS2
  • ftp
  • sftp
  • oftp2
  • webservice
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • email

If other communication protocols are desired, we would be happy to take a look.

Conversion of your data files or documents (e.g. orders, delivery notes, orders, confirmations, invoices) into the format required by your partners. We support the following formats:

    • XRechnung
    • XML
    • IDoc
    • VDA
    • X12
    • JSON
    • PDF
    • Other specific in-house formats

Why b.edi?

With our b.edi product you get sophisticated solutions for your EDI project from a single source.

With the switch to EDI you will reduce your costs enormously due to the following improvements:

    • Lower personnel costs caused by automated processing
    • Error reduction leads to lower follow-up costs due to fewer manual entries
    • Digitization of correspondence

The automation generates considerable time savings:

    • Manual data acquisition and corrections are no longer required
    • Internal processing times are reduced

b.edi is flexible, state-of-the-art and can be adapted to your individual requirements, even after implementation:

    • Individually designed according to your requirements
    • We keep b.invoice technically up to date and constantly enhanced in close collaboration with our clients

With the help of b.edi you can exchange your sensitive financial data with business partners from all over the world.

Using EDI protocols, business processes with your partners can be monitored and traced at any time.

How does b.edi work?

b.edi is our solution for your connection to your business partners and acts as a data transfer system between your system and the systems of your business partners. Regardless of the format and source of your data, you will be able to provide the data via your desired transmission protocol.

You can take data from of your supply chain and B2B networks or, for example, directly from a business partner’s ERP system, send them within seconds and process them directly in the recipient’s system. With b.edi you and your business partners all over the world can easily and securely exchange data and documents just like in internal ERP-systems.

We have developed b.edi in such a way, that standard processes are used, but that it still provides the required flexibility to design and fulfill your individual process requirements.