Besitec’s b.invoice solution for reliable electronic invoicing processes

Besitec has over the years developed a diversified portfolio of IT, EDI and software solutions, not only for the logistics industry, but also for other sectors. The latest addition to Besitec’s service package is their b.invoice product for the optimization, automation and digitization of invoicing processes.

The requirement to exchange and also archive invoices electronically will become mandatory in Germany effective 27 November 2020 for all companies working with organisations in the B2G sector. But also for all other companies this reliable, swift and transparent way of exchanging invoices electronically and transparently will be the future of their billing.

b.invoice converts, sends and receives every invoice according to our clients’ technological standards and the latest legal requirements. This means that clients can either via b.invoice forward electronic invoices easily in the new XRechnung format (but also other formats) to their B2G business partners via a PEPPOL Access Point operated by Besitec or to their B2B business partners via standard EDI transport protocols.

Companies from different industries in Sweden, Lithuania, Turkey, Colombia, Croatia, and also Germany use our b.invoice solution already to fulfil the local legal requirements for billing and to benefit from its cost- and time-saving effects as well as its reliability, security and global acceptance.

Read more about how b.invoice works on and get in touch with us to discuss your electronic invoicing requirements.

Contact: Jannik Stamm, EDI Consultant/Process Integration
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